Sime Freiburghaus

Email : sime(at)

Job in KLAW: Guitarist

Musical experience: First Band was ZELLZIUS (Hardpunkthrashcore) , various other Bands beside ZELLZIUS, as there were SUSPIRIA (Thrash Metal), ABGRUND (Asi Punk), Rats (Asi Rock'n'Roll). After the end of ZELLZIUS I joined CONTORSION (Thrash Metal).

Influences, favorite bands: Sepultura, Motörhead, Exodus, Turbonegro, Nitrogods, Murderdolls.

This inspires me: Ups and downs in life.

I like: Playing guitar, modifying guitars, meat , biking, skiing, tattoos.

I do not like: Getting up early, working, vegetarian food, no more beer in the fridge, running out of tabacco, any kind of “Mundart Rock”, Lady Gaga.

What I do in life (besides KLAW): Work, cycling, drinking beer, concerts, chilling.