Email : jonas(at)

Job in KLAW: Singer/Screamer, writing lyrics.

Musical experience: Playing and composing for „Clinical Death“, live experience as vocalist, bassist and drummer in several rock and metal bands.

Influences, favorite bands: In Flames, Whitechapel, Thy Art Is Murder, Brand of Sacrifice, Slayer, Slipknot, Parkway Drive, Bullet for My Valentine, Avenged Sevenfold, Trivium, System Of a Down, Sonata Arctica, Rammstein.

This inspires me: Listening to Bands of different subgenres, going to concerts, watching playthroughs, talking with other musicians, movies.

I like: Listening to good music, performing on stage, watching movies or football-/icehockey games, spending time with friends, the Joker, card games, animals.

I do not like: Stress, disputes, alcohol, cigarettes & drugs, advertisements, people who wear band shirts of bands they don‘t listen to;-).

What I do in life (besides KLAW): Studying and organizing summer camps for kids.