Lucie Werlen

Email : lucie(at)

Job in KLAW: Singer/Screamer, Lyrics

Musical experience: Piano, high school choir, vocals in „Suborned“ and „Dark Zodiak“ and various small projects involving vocal cord (and false cord) activities

Influences, favorite bands: Motörhead, Testament, Exodus, Bolt Thrower, Gorefest, Pain, Avatar, The Beatles, Queen, Chopin, Debussy, Blue Öyster Cult, Death, Carcass, Rage Against the Machine, Darkthrone, Entombed, Morbid Angel, Nevermore, Suicidal Tendencies, Revocation, The Prodigy, Hypocrisy, Monster Magnet, The Doors, NIN, Twisted Sister and many more (yeah, I know that this list doesn’t make sense…)

This inspires me: Reading, nature, people

I like: Coffee, tattoos, Egypt, my friends, working out, silence, rivers and lakes, animals, dancing, cooking (and eating. especially eating), sleeping, old stones and ruins, hiking, rhymes, HR Giger, black and white art, traveling, sun rays through fog, white flowers

I do not like: Mean and negative people, funny colorful clothes, ripe bananas

What I do in life (besides KLAW): Egyptology, archaeology, working at the university administration, fitness trainer, going to concerts and festivals and having beers with nice people