Reto Bachmann

Email: reto(at)

Job in Klaw: Drummer

Musical experience: After a short time of taking lessons in English Flute, I had to grab a drum set;-). First coverband at the age of 16. Later on drummer with the band "AZRAEL". After 4 years of deathmetal-bashing I switched to the band "PIGSKIN". At the same time I was involved in the metal project "Marooned". After 16 years with "PIGSKIN" the band split up and became "EXPENZER", where I've been drumming for the last three years.

Favorite Bands: Slayer, Exodus, Sick of it all, Pantera, Carcass, Napalm Death, The Haunted and many more…

This inspires me: Life itself

I like: Good friends, metal, drumming, vegfood, watch a cool movie

I don`t like: Liars, animal cruelty, violence

What i do in life (beside Klaw): My other band "EXPENZER", work (one has to make a living somehow), family, house and garden, visit concerts and drink a few beers.